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Judi F.

“As a nurse and as a patient, I can say that Dr. Sher is the brightest, most compassionate, ethical,available, and caring physician I have ever had the privilege to be a patient of.”


Robert B.

"Excellent is not enough to say. Dr. Sher has been very professional, attentive and kind throughout the years treating my issues. In July of 2018, he again reviewed my additional problems and was concerned enough to contact another medical professional. This most likely saved my life. With collaboration, testing, was discovered that I had pancreatic cancer. Dr. Sher had the interest and vision to "think outside of the box" compared to several other physicians who did nothing to help me. Luckily at early stages. I had surgery at Moffitt in Tampa ,Florida. To date, I am in remission and living a better life. I can't thank him enough!"


Steve B.

"Dr Sher and his team are excellent. The front office staff are responsive and helpful and the whole process of getting allergy shots is efficient. The “shot givers” are highly skilled and there is virtually no discomfort from the injections. If you have allergies, this is the place to go."



"Dr. Wagner- Castro is a true professional, caring, and knowledgeable physician. I am very fortunate to have met her and have her as my physician. I suffered for many years with my condition with no improvements until I met Dr. Wagner-Castro. She took the time to assess and find the best plan of care that met my clinical needs. During each office visit, she diligently reviewed my plan of care and provided me with the necessary patient education and tools, so I could better adhere to my treatment plan without missing a beat.”



“Dr. Sher is Professional, knowledgeable and caring. I always try to get the best doctors and specialists for myself and especially my children and Dr. Sher in my opinion is one of the best around Tampa Bay. The office is organized and seem to be on top of their game. Due to the Pandemic, I am now having my appointments over Zoom. The first one went smoothly and I will most definitely ask for another one. Obviously if I or my daughter were having breathing problems I would call the office and see what to do from there.”


Phyllis W.

“Dr. Sher has been my allergy specialist for many years. His staff is always very friendly and helpful, as well as thorough and precise. Dr. Sher always takes good care of me and has taken a close interest in our family health as well.Thank you, Dr. Sher, for your excellent medical care !!”


Pam L.

“Dr. Sher is extremely thorough and doesn't miss anything or any detail. He is very caring and picks up on things that sometimes other doctors will miss. He has been my doctor for many years and I am lucky to have him as part of my team of doctors! I have recommended him to many people and they are all happy that I have done so”


Audrey ML

“Phenomenal doctor! She took her time with me, did the appropriate research for my condition and gave me the care I needed. I wish there were more doctors out there like her. Very professional and caring.”



“I've been a patient of Dr. Mandel Sher for many years. He diagnosed several conditions contributing to allergies and continual sinus infections that others did not. HIGHLY recommend “Dr. Sher and his great office staff. I drive about 45 minutes to see him and I'd glady drive much farther to get such great care! Thanks Dr. Sher and your team - you rock!”


Sharon F.

“I usually do not write reviews but this time will be the exception. Dr. Sher is someone I would recommend to any one I care about. He is very thorough, asks questions and listens to the answer and remembers. I was very discouraged when I came to see him and he assured me that he would work very hard to take care of my problems and he did, and still is, even though I am so much better. I love his staff, especially Della. Wish there were more than 5 stars! He's funny too!


He saved my life! 5 years ago I was in his office for a routine allergy shot. Dr. Sher noticed a persistent cough, treated me with steroids, and when that did not help, he ordered an Xray. He saw a very small spot on my lung and alerted my personal physician to get an MRI. He called from his cell phone at dinner time to report the results. It was diagnosed as cancer. After surgery, I am clear of cancer for 5 years now, and ever so thankful to Dr. Sher.”



“I am an RN and new to the area. I was referred to Dr. Sher for a rather ambiguous problem. He was persistent and thorough and found the problem and treated it effectively. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to him- just wanted to share my good fortune! Office and staff are awesome as well.”


Jennie P.

“For one year, I suffered with severe eczema. I went to several doctors, including dermatologists, who prescribed me cream after cream, medication after medication. It got to a point that I had a drawer full of medicines. I finally decided to go see an allergist and was referred by a friend to Dr. Castro-Wagner. From our first meeting, I knew she was a great doctor. She took her time with me, listened to my history, and reassured me that we would figure out what was causing my flare-ups. She was a godsend because she was able to identify the problem and prescribe me one medication that has been a complete gamechanger for me. I credit her knowledge, her patience, and her persistence with helping me. I wish there were more doctors like her. She's exceptional.”


Darlene G.

“Absolute best doctor I have even encountered and I’ve worked in the medical field for over 13 years! Dr.Castro explains everything in detail, and genuinely cares about her patients. I will always say Dr.Castro saved my daughter life, as my then 2 year old was in and out of the hospital with her asthma and no one could control it, Dr.Castro was and is the only doctor to have figured out my daughters asthma severity and handled it with such amazing care! We will truly miss you in Homestead!”


Kelly A.

“Love it there!! So good with my autistic son. He is doing so much better since Dr. Sher came along.” 


Justine J.

“Simply put, Dr. Sher is a genius. He solves medical mysteries with coughs and allergies. He has helped my daughter with both. I don't know what we would have done without him. We are very blessed to have his help.”


Lori D.B.

“I was getting sinus infections and ear infections every couple of months. Dr. Sher fixed me right up. Started me on injections which I had bad reactions to. He tweaked and came up with a very slow but workable schedule and I have never felt better. When I proved to be a challenge he didn't give up. He tried and tried until he got it right and that is what I love the best. He didn't treat me like a one size fits all patient. I love (almost) never being sick!”


Katherine G.

"My son spent years being miserable with allergies. He was well-versed in how to use nasal sprays and nasal rinses at a young age. He has received the most professional and compassionate care from Dr. Sher and his staff. They always include my son in the conversation, consider all of his concerns, and make sure he understands the purpose and what to expect for all treatments.

I am incredibly happy to say that after 18 months of allergy shots, my son finds himself in the midst of what would normally be his worst season and he has not once needed to use a single allergy medication to date. This is the time of year when he usually has a pack of tissues everywhere he goes and he is normally groggy from the many medications it would take to try to control symptoms. None of that is the case for the first time in his life and we couldn’t be happier. I can’t thank Dr. Sher and his staff enough for making such a significant improvement in my son’s quality of life."


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