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A game changer for peanut allergic patients is here!

What is PALFORZIA? PALFORZIA is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to help reduce the severity of allergic reactions to peanuts, including anaphylaxis, in children aged 4 through 17.

How does it work? Your child will be given small, consistent, precise amounts of peanut protein every day. The dose will slowly be increased every couple of weeks during visits to our office for about 6 months. After completing this phase, your child will start taking a maintenance dose every day over time to help maintain their decreased sensitivity to peanut allergens.

Why choose Sher Allergy Specialists for PALFORZIA? Sher Allergy Specialists was the only allergy practice in Pinellas County whose volunteer patients helped evaluate the safety and efficacy of PALFORZIA as part of the FDA approval process. Sher Allergy Specialists is a trusted pediatric and adult Food Allergy center of excellence for generations of families. Why could PALFORZIA be a life saver? Accidental exposure to peanut allergen happens in everyday situations like birthday parties and restaurants and it can be life threatening. PALFORZIA could provide peace of mind for your family during these situations.

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