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The Sher Allergy Experience

We have all been patients...yes, as physicians we also become patients at some point in time. We have all been in that same vulnerable position when you seek care from someone who has the knowledge to reach a diagnosis and help you feel better. This is an incredibly complex relationship though, that is the doctor-patient relationship. It is built on trust, communication and mutual respect. When one of these pillars fails, the relationship will surely be affected and most likely be lost. Unfortunately, we have all been witnessed of a failed doctor-patient relationship and many times it has been due to a failure in that communication pillar. Here at Sher Allergy, our staff and team of specialists, have a deep commitment to provide the highest quality of service to our patients. We value this sacred relationship by honoring its main pillars. We build trust by having a clear communication with our patients, ensuring the evaluation process, diagnosis and developing a plan is all made with the patient's participation and understanding. We know this is the best way to show our respect for our patients and the trust they have placed in us. We always strive to do a better job on a daily basis, this is why we are constantly asking for our patients' opinions and feedback. By reviewing your provider, you are helping other patients reach us and share a good experience when seeking care for their allergic and or immunological disease. We build a relationship with our patients since the first visit by ensuring we get to know the person coming to see us, their family or circle of care and how to best provide the best care for them. At Sher Allergy you are not just a diagnosis, you are a unique individual and you have our attention...we are here for you.

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